Working Man Weekend

Now that I’ve been welcomed into the ranks of the working man, my biggest problem has been trying to figure out what to do with three day weekends and no wife/children.

So far I’ve stayed around the county, but I can feel the itch to move outside my turf.  I’m not use to sitting in one area for so long.  

Nine-months is a mile stone for a drifter.  In the last decade and a half, I’ve only lived 3-places for more than 9-months:

1.  UW-River Falls

2.  Portland, OR

3.  Afghanistan

There is an international airport 45-minutes from here.  There are central states that have not been thoroughly explored. The Missouri River is an hour south.

Staying put has been the strategy as I save funds for farming and home ownership, but I can see that I should be picking and planning my future “battles.”

Afterall, DrifterRadio is not old enough to sit still, …so DJ Wolfgrave better keep moving.​


Convention Driftin: Gun Show

Drifting Sioux Falls today by attending a convention.

Dr. Love and wife are here promoting their ammo and targets at a huge gun show event.


Lots of fire arm knowledge and history in the Sanford Convention Center today.

There is also a beer festival next door.  Just need to run into a bachelorette party and I can call it a good day in America.

  1. img_6666

    Going to need a notebook tonight.  Phone isn’t going to be able to stay charged.  Mrca!

Super Bowl Sunday Funday

Super Bowl Sunday Funday requires two things: a TV and meat.

Beer is optional, but recommended for people over 21.

JE was going to cook up a frozen pizza, but the day quickly morphed into cooking deep fried turkey (thanks to JE’s dad), stuffing, green bean hot dish, and pizza.

There’s something good and holy about taking an afternoon to prepare a meal, especially in the current microwave society we live in. The day becomes memorable when you take hours, and perhaps days, too prepare meat.

Since there are multiple facets to the process of preparing good meat, there is also many opportunities to screw up.

Such as not having meat defrosted three days before Super Bowl Sunday Funday. Such as not having the equipment set up. Such as having the oil frozen.

Sunday Funday. It doesn’t always go smoothly, but its a whole day of fun day on Super Bowl Sunday.