About us: DrifterRadio.com

formerly PeripheralDrifters.com

Peripheral Drifter- 1. a person capable of seeing the ambiguities and the various shades of grey in life; 2. capable of seeing inside and outside of ‘The Box.’ 2. site/sight seer on a minimal budget.

DrifterRadio.com is not just about drifting physically; its also about ‘drifting’ mentally, electronically, and, considering the dynamic of human existence, philosophically/spiritually.

As such, we are trying to take full advantage of the freedom of the internet and the American Constitution- we are trying to capture life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in a website…as well as utilize our freedom of speech within the realm of mankind’s newest phenomemon- a world communication network.

This website is
a worldwide media outlet/voice
that even a drifter can possess.

DrifterRadio.com, in its essence, can be explained with this story: while panhandling in San Francisco in 2004, I watched a man strolling down the street. He barely had clothes on his back, but on his shoulder he was sporting a “Ghetto Blaster” style boombox from the ’80’s. As he walked, he played music and danced without a care in the world. He was poor (and probably a bit crazy), but he was enjoying what he had and he was spreading the wealth he possessed to the people he encountered on the streets.

DrifterRadio.com would like to bring you peace and prosperity. And, if we can’t accomplish that, we will at least bring you entertainment, different ideas, sights, and sounds from around the planet. We might not be able to help you drift, but we can give you a Peripheral Drift.

As my dad always said-
“Go to the Go” -MW