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2018 Winter Break: “Over Think Tank” Drift


Captain Log:  Wolfgrave

Time period: January 4 (Thursday) to January 7 (Sunday)

Destination: North woods of Wisconsin

Miles covered: 1,800-miles

Mission: Happy New Year 2018!

”You never know what can become of such adventures. You travel in order to connect with people from other places.”


Wolfgrave travels from the prairie to the northwoods in search of fresh air and water from the homeland.

This 4-day “vacation and work” trip goes from the plains, past the Big Rivers of North America, and up to the North Woods of Wisconsin.

This particular 2018 winter has been repressively cold.

An adventure is needed to reflect on the past year, recharge, and find answers in 2018.

Wolfgrave ventures out for drifterRadio.com on a  4-day Wisconsin vacation-mission.

Stories are told.  Strategies were discussed.

Farmer Fashion 2018 is promoted.

The final destination for Wolfgrave’s vacation-work drift is “The Over Think Tank Show” near Hayward.

The Over Think Tank Northern Wisconsin internet show is hosted by Chris K and Janitor Jake.

Jake and Chris are a couple of good-hearted, creative, and smart Northern Wisconsin dudes that like to talk about video games, movies/media, and music.

What a great pair of folks to collaborate with!

Over-Think Tank opens the “Movie Trailer” Studio

As the new studio is setup, ideas for the show are discussed with Jake, Chris, and Wolfgrave.

As the new location is being dialed-in with cameras and mics, the hosts and guest brainstorm over a rough outline for the show and some ideas written on sticky notes.

The Over Think Tank show has no writers. The actors are the writers. This is part of the creative fun.

The show’s strategy is to have the actor’s improvise a show on based a collection of random ideas.

The editing process also works its magic.

Including camera shifts, reshoots, audio testing, furniture placement, and wardrobe changes, it took about 4-hours to have enough material for an episode.

Pretty efficient, but a n 8-hour day would have been nice in order to produce multiple shows and a variety of cuts and work out details such as music.

Rock and roll!


Post-drift Analysis:

“The Gun Show” Marketing Project

Only as a result of collaborating with both B&B Graphics from La Crosse, Wisconsin and “The Over Think Tank,” this past vacation-work week adventure made it possible for Wolfgrave to be able envision a quirky marketing angle for FarmerFashion.com.

As Wolfgrave drove home through a super-cold, dark, and howling-night in Minnesota, he thought about what had transpired in the last couple of days.

In this winter vacation-drift, Wolfgrave had secured the help of a screen printing business in developing a brand for his agribusiness. The next day, he promoted the beginnings of this FarmerFashion.com brand on a cable access-like late night show hosted by a couple of up-and-coming personalities from the North Woods of Wisconsin. Regardless of the repressive-cold, it was not a bad vacation.

While thinking about all of the funny aspects of the show, Wolfgrave laughs at how Janitor Jake took advantage of the fact that “FarmerFashion.com” was written on the t-shirt sleeve.

The shirt’s graphic placement prompts Janitor Jake to flex his bicep to the camera in true male modeling style. This inspires a Wolfgrave marketing-strategy for FarmerFashion.com:

“The Gun Show!”

Captain’s Log Complete.

<Wolfgrave on the Over Think Tank Show coming up!>

*Coming up next: Big guns (arms) in Farmer Fashion T-shirts.

*Job Openings: Beef-cake attitude men and women that are #armstrong and comfortable with their beef-cakery.


Other investment/$ opportunities from January 2018 Drifting:  

The Over Think Tank Show could probably just buy the trailer park block that the show is hosted in.  It could be like a U.S. version of Sunnyvale Trailer Park

The two block wooded area around where the “Movie Trailer” sits, and the surrounding trailers, could all be purchased for less than what two Portland mini-mansions might cost.

A US version of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park probably could be boughten-up for less than $1.2 million in Northern Wisconsin.



Where the world is at today with technology and processing power that we are developing…..the macro and micro of 21st technology and thinking…coupled with a good data set spanning 100+ years…. will be  blended and efficiently utilized.

"Consider the planet" Dr. David Miller, UW-La Crosse.
“Consider the planet” Dr. David Miller, UW-La Crosse.

GNR Plays US Bank Stadium


Rockin versus Hard-living?

Perhaps a Rockhard-attitude, and creative-release in front of thousands of people, keeps people alive beyond even the debauchery of the 1980’s.

Perhaps the love for music and showmanship reunited a group of people that all could have died from heavy drug use and outrageous antics.

DrifterRadio sends its intern, DJ Wolfgrave, to investigate the mind-boggling odds of such a happening and to make sure it wasn’t just fake news.

Rockin wins.

“Exercise of self seems to be a major contributor of health.” -Wolfgrave

Enviro-prayers Answered: Laudato si.

My enviro-prayers were answered this week as Pope Francis released an encyclical about tending the garden called sister earth.

What’s strange to me is the timing of this environmental consideration of the Vatican.  

This past week I had been ranting…I mean “praying”…that current culture doesn’t have a technology-ethic to match its developments in the last 100-years.  

We are weak on understanding this global new world.  We cause our own demise and ruin. 

 I pray quite a bit as this reality is hard to digest.  Usually I’m smoking a cigarette; I feel tobacco is the least of our worries.

At Luverne’s Hotdog Night, during the 150th Birthday Party, I rant to my cousin how we aren’t totally fucked if we could just figure out where we all stand with the environment and some how create an ethic that creates heaven on earth.

A few days later, the Vatican releases a Catholic enviro-ethic.  

Enviro-prayers answered.

Check it out.  Modern-living needs to make some adjustments on living-good.


Settling In

As I get comfortable as a drifter settling into his first piece of real estate, I’m finding I landed in a good neighborhood.  

My neighbors are good folks.

I guess I fit as well.  I was complimented the other day by the next door neighbor for keeping an eye on his place.

“My son called and said the neighbor popped out of the house and asked if him how he knew me.”

I laugh.  “Yeah, I think it’s from being in the military…when you you see something not quite right you are pretty much obligated to investigate the situation.”

He says, “I like that.  It’s good to have neighbors that keep an eye-out.  I’ll make sure to do the same.”

“Sounds good,” I say.  “Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself to new faces at my place.”

I stay out of my neighbors business, but sometimes you just gotta say ‘hi’to unknown people in out-of-place cars.

It’s good to know my neighbor is not shy and is big as a mountain.  

Having good neighbors is settling.

Living at Home with the Parents

I need to move out of the parents house to give us all our freedom back.  
There happens to be an underlying universal law that some how dictates your mother must watch over your affairs and help you out.  

Which is unnecessary in an adult’s life.  

If anything, the kids do the pampering at this stage.

Because of this universal law found in parent/child relationships, even though my mother was told “not to wash my clothes” she still feels an obligation to help her child out.

Unfortunately, the “helping” has its drawbacks that universal law-makers should be aware about.

“This is yours,” said mom. She pushes a small plastic bag full of unidentifiable garbage in it.
“I don’t know how I missed it going into the laundry,” she says. 

“Is it important?”

I try to make sense of the freshly washed paperwork.  
“Yep,” I say, “I was looking for those blue prints to my new place, so I could put down flooring.”

This is not a big deal in terms of destroyed papers, but it was something that could have been completely avoided had the universal laws of mothering not kicked-in.
Considering my mother, she probably fretted and worried unnecessarily for a couple of days.
I like being close to my folks, but being too close has its downsides.

Editor note:  Overall, mom, if you ever hear about this website, I DO appreciate the behind the scenes work in effort to help your kid thrive.  I’ve been super busy with work and businesss, so you helped keep me rolling clean.

Today on the Prairie-5/07/2017

Celebrating 150-years on the Prairie in Luverne this summer.

This weekend’s (May 27) events: 
10:30am Nature-walk at Touch the Sky Prairie.
8:30pm The Blue Mounds Bison Story at Blue Mounds State Park amphitheater.