Settling In

As I get comfortable as a drifter settling into his first piece of real estate, I’m finding I landed in a good neighborhood.  

My neighbors are good folks.

I guess I fit as well.  I was complimented the other day by the next door neighbor for keeping an eye on his place.

“My son called and said the neighbor popped out of the house and asked if him how he knew me.”

I laugh.  “Yeah, I think it’s from being in the military…when you you see something not quite right you are pretty much obligated to investigate the situation.”

He says, “I like that.  It’s good to have neighbors that keep an eye-out.  I’ll make sure to do the same.”

“Sounds good,” I say.  “Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself to new faces at my place.”

I stay out of my neighbors business, but sometimes you just gotta say ‘hi’to unknown people in out-of-place cars.

It’s good to know my neighbor is not shy and is big as a mountain.  

Having good neighbors is settling.

Living at Home with the Parents

I need to move out of the parents house to give us all our freedom back.  
There happens to be an underlying universal law that some how dictates your mother must watch over your affairs and help you out.  

Which is unnecessary in an adult’s life.  

If anything, the kids do the pampering at this stage.

Because of this universal law found in parent/child relationships, even though my mother was told “not to wash my clothes” she still feels an obligation to help her child out.

Unfortunately, the “helping” has its drawbacks that universal law-makers should be aware about.

“This is yours,” said mom. She pushes a small plastic bag full of unidentifiable garbage in it.
“I don’t know how I missed it going into the laundry,” she says. 

“Is it important?”

I try to make sense of the freshly washed paperwork.  
“Yep,” I say, “I was looking for those blue prints to my new place, so I could put down flooring.”

This is not a big deal in terms of destroyed papers, but it was something that could have been completely avoided had the universal laws of mothering not kicked-in.
Considering my mother, she probably fretted and worried unnecessarily for a couple of days.
I like being close to my folks, but being too close has its downsides.

Editor note:  Overall, mom, if you ever hear about this website, I DO appreciate the behind the scenes work in effort to help your kid thrive.  I’ve been super busy with work and businesss, so you helped keep me rolling clean.


DrifterRadio’s main commentator on the message board is currently a foreign spambot that is trying to sell knock-off drugs.

Please be advised that DrifterRadio doesn’t condone the use of mystery drugs from foreign shores. 

All weirdos that allow their dirty programming to grafitti the sanctity of will suffer the wrath of DrifterRadio’s karma-bot.

Among other capabilities of the karma-bot is the ability to scam the scammers by using spambots and email phishers against each other.

Roller Coasting

Driving south on US75, I take my foot off the gas and roller coast into town.

Just past the micro-church, near the Blue Mounds, take your foot off the gas peddle and ride gravity into Luverne, MN.

Just past the road that heads East to “the quarry,” I decide to see how far my car will go without giving it gas.  

I “idle” into town…up and down over a series of hills…

Past the hospital….

….past the Veterans Home…

Past the high school…

If luck is and timing are on your side you can catch a green light at the traffic light….

and coast over the railroad tracks near Casey’s…

A matter of efficiency (mpg) in a vehicle has entertainment value similar to power and speed.

I was trying to make it all the way to the Eagles Club, but my speed dipped 15-mph the speed limit.  

Good run in the 2003 Caddilac Deville.  A new roller coasting record in Rock County.