Belief in Human Impact

Some might believe that God might solve environmental issues of the planet…

…but I’m of the mindset that God has given us a garden of Eden …

…and even though we’ve taken a full bite of the apple of knowledge..

…God won’t cast us from utopia again if we work together and utilize our knowledge to make Eden again.

…but we gotta use the wisdom of millenniums to survive and thrive from our violent and stupid past.


MN Vikings: 0 odds


MN Vikings are statistically out of the running for this year’s Super Bowl 2016 season.

..but that’s no reason why to give up hope. There’s still time on the clock…

In fact, Pheng and I came up with various scenarios where the Vikings might be able to still pull it off…




My personal favorite was Pheng’s strategy (3) Weather Giants.

If Weather Giants show up, nobody will even notice who goes to the Super Bowl.

Goal: harvest low-hanging fruit


On the road trip to Wisco last night, I pondered why we haven’t taken great ideas from our smart folks and scientific knowledge base and applied it to the betterment of humanity?

Short answer: 20th century culture.

Example: “sustainable” is a word politicians of the 20th century use to talk strictly about economics…and not the concept of “sustainably” optimizing the reality of environment/living/working.

Example of “low-hanging fruit” for a sustainable economy:

1. Renewable/clean energy that doesn’t require invasion.
2. jobs that help keep the planet pure.
3. Jobs that benefit future humanity.
4. Jobs that pay for the creativity of a species.