Xmas Days

Deciding to drift to Wisconsin for an end-of-year celebration ….

…all of a sudden, shifts direction and…

…turns into “aspiring to pay more taxes through entrepreneurship art-activities” excursion to finish off 2016.

This blog started today on DrifterRadio.com’s website….a sprint to the end of 2016…. is a notebook and blog written over a 24-hour period with an iPhone 5GS, a pen, a notebook, and a creative environment.

Keepin pace!



Happy Solar-New Year

Today, the winter solstice begins the first day of the 2017 plant year.

img_5272I was hoping to own a rural acreage to start this ag-year off right, but do to inspection constraints set by a VA-mortgage, a house inspector that’s requiring that I re-roof a barn and a woodshed, and a buyer not willing to budge on her price so I can escrow the repairs for spring,…


…I came to the realization I would be mortgage-poor if I would have bought this property right now…

One thing is for certain if I want to buy a farm:  I need to make more money in 2017.