Enviro-prayers Answered: Laudato si.

"Consider the planet" Dr. David Miller, UW-La Crosse.

My enviro-prayers were answered this week as Pope Francis released an encyclical about tending the garden called sister earth.

What’s strange to me is the timing of this environmental consideration of the Vatican.  

This past week I had been ranting…I mean “praying”…that current culture doesn’t have a technology-ethic to match its developments in the last 100-years.  

We are weak on understanding this global new world.  We cause our own demise and ruin. 

 I pray quite a bit as this reality is hard to digest.  Usually I’m smoking a cigarette; I feel tobacco is the least of our worries.

At Luverne’s Hotdog Night, during the 150th Birthday Party, I rant to my cousin how we aren’t totally fucked if we could just figure out where we all stand with the environment and some how create an ethic that creates heaven on earth.

A few days later, the Vatican releases a Catholic enviro-ethic.  

Enviro-prayers answered.

Check it out.  Modern-living needs to make some adjustments on living-good.


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