Giant Sized Heart

I’ve been watching YouTube vids giant beings that have existed around the world.

Some say the 7-14 ft skeletons archeologists have found globally are a different race of ancient humans.

DrifterRadio has not taken an official stance on the matter.

Perhaps these finds are alien.  Perhaps they are Bigfoot.  Perhaps they are the bones of ancestors many different cultures talk about in legend.  

Whatever the scenario, you can be certain that there is a big heart involved, as well as a sense of community (since many of these skeletons were unearthed together).

Some Native’s of North America speak of giants. 

Some people call some of them “Mound Builders” of the Ohio River Valley in America.

 This would explain how super-heavy boulders were moved and huge earthen-structures were built.

If you are 14-ft tall, you can probably move some weight.

DrifterRadio would like to extend an invite to all giants to join the show (if you exist).  Living large and outside the box of normalacy can be problematic, but this business is not here to judge.

To apply, talk to Wolfgrave.

Author: Wali-G

Website started pre-mass adopted cell phone era (i.e.. 2006) based on the foosball drifting of Wali-G in the first couple of years of the 21st Century. Two-college buddies decided to have some fun with the electronic life and play with the developing new structures created by the Age of Information and Global Communication.

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