Land of Waste

I don’t need to preach about how much we waste in America…just a reminder….

I’m pretty sure Buddha, Jesus, and the Native American wise men weren’t bullshitting us about the non-importance of material things.  

In a world that has to harbor 7+billion humans within a finite planet, it makes even more sense that we curb away from being a land of waste caused by over-consumption of material things.

Live simple or contribute to a land of waste.  This has been a public service announcement of DrifterRadio.

Author: Wali-G

Website started pre-mass adopted cell phone era (i.e.. 2006) based on the foosball drifting of Wali-G in the first couple of years of the 21st Century. Two-college buddies decided to have some fun with the electronic life and play with the developing new structures created by the Age of Information and Global Communication.

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