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Driving to the Green Lantern, I’m searching for music that gets me out of the funk of February.  The weather accentuates that a great next door neighbor to my parent’s house passed away this week.

My neighbor was a such a positive and hard working spirit in life, that I feel bad that I have such cloud-of-sadness surrounding me.  Tim’s philosophy was about positive action and movement.

“Depression” was not part of Tim’s outlook on life.

As I drive through the bluster of February, I keep hitting scan on the radio….scanning….and scanning ….some sort of music to warm the self and find a better outlook on the brief moments we have on this planet….

To add to the gloom, just yesterday, the owner’s mom of the Green Lantern got into an auto accident do to the weather on US75 over the Blue Mounds….

As I drive, the radio spins through a host of channels that are just gibberish. The right song can pick you up.  Even though I lost a great neighbor, I note that I am bumming around a bit too much for a Friday night regardless of the circumstance.

Not everyone is dying.  Some are giving it a really good shot at living.

At the bar in Hardwick, I tool around with my notebook and cellphone as I quietly drink alone.  I look around the joint and see that the jukebox is connected to the inter-webs and can be controlled by a cell phone.

This grabs my attention.  It occurs to me that with such technology  you can play songs from anywhere.

{This is such a bad idea for DJ Wolfgrave.  Essentially, he can go anywhere in Rock County and possess the jukebox with a credit card and a cell phone.}

*Discovery of taking over the county’s jukeboxes:

Dabbling with the jukebox’s advertised phone-application, I found I can play music from the comfort of my bar stool

As I messed around with this phone-application, I found that for $5 you get 5-credits to play so many songs.

I must mention, you need to be careful where you play these tunes, because I quickly loaded up a bar’s jukebox 17-miles away.

What a great tool for not having to get off your barstool.  You can DJ without going anywhere.  I could be sitting on a bar stool in my man-cave firing up folks in local establishments across the county.

…but thus is born DrifterRadio.com innovation….  Aha!

There is value in being able to get a party-started from miles away especially if it helps the community.  Playing the right tunes in the right atmosphere gets people drinking, talking, dancing, and eating.

Good times are good for the economy.

With many nights of barhopping research under my belt, I found that the right tunes can really help elevate the evening.  Many a night was sagging until the right music blasted the joint.

With this new jukebox cellphone application you can DJ the county or perhaps the planet from anywhere.

*DrifterRadio.com would like to stress that “possessing the jukebox” as a county-wide DJ has great responsibility.  The wrong tunes at the wrong times can elevate a situation the wrong way.

Make sure you get out amongst your audience to know what’s going on in the neighborhood and play accordingly.

Keep the Pace!

DJ Wolfgrave playlist of the night:

-Steve Miller “Joker”

-Rolling Stones “Honkey Tonk Woman”

-Afroman “Because I got High”

-John Lee Hooker “Big legs, Tight skirt”

-Wilson Pickett “Land of 1000-Dances”

*There were a few other songs I played, but they were not intended.

RIP Tim.  I got this.

Author: Wali-G

Website started pre-mass adopted cell phone era (i.e.. 2006) based on the foosball drifting of Wali-G in the first couple of years of the 21st Century. Two-college buddies decided to have some fun with the electronic life and play with the developing new structures created by the Age of Information and Global Communication.

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