Settling In


As I get comfortable as a drifter settling into his first piece of real estate, I’m finding I landed in a good neighborhood.  

My neighbors are good folks.

I guess I fit as well.  I was complimented the other day by the next door neighbor for keeping an eye on his place.

“My son called and said the neighbor popped out of the house and asked if him how he knew me.”

I laugh.  “Yeah, I think it’s from being in the military…when you you see something not quite right you are pretty much obligated to investigate the situation.”

He says, “I like that.  It’s good to have neighbors that keep an eye-out.  I’ll make sure to do the same.”

“Sounds good,” I say.  “Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself to new faces at my place.”

I stay out of my neighbors business, but sometimes you just gotta say ‘hi’to unknown people in out-of-place cars.

It’s good to know my neighbor is not shy and is big as a mountain.  

Having good neighbors is settling.

Author: Wali-G

Website started pre-mass adopted cell phone era (i.e.. 2006) based on the foosball drifting of Wali-G in the first couple of years of the 21st Century. Two-college buddies decided to have some fun with the electronic life and play with the developing new structures created by the Age of Information and Global Communication.

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