Student Loans Paid Off. Now What?

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My brother texted me the other day. He paid off his student loans.

“What do I do now?” he asks.

I text back: “Awesome. Make millions. Invest. E-trade?”

“Why make millions? I’m not happier the more money I make.” he replied.

That’s a good question and counter-point, brother.

To continue growing through out life, you have to set at least one new goal when you accomplish.  His future finances are probably already secured….

When you don’t have a wife to clothe and entertain …or kids to feed and transport to sports/music/work, then you have cash to put towards retirement.  Probably don’t even need to invest.

His question however is geared more towards a broader picture of a full life.

Perhaps now is the time to entertain some love in life.

Perhaps earning Most Interesting Man Alive status might be a consideration. Perhaps earning a foosball title should be on the list. Perhaps traveling to all parts of the globe.

Perhaps investing in more experience and more education by do-ing is in order.

Student loans paid off. Now what?

Setting sun on college loans.
Setting sun on college loans.  2017.

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