Veteran’s Eve

The Marine Corp Birthday holiday is celebrated today by marines everywhere.  Fo 242-years, this fighting force has fought for the values and ideas of the U.S. constitution.

If you are a marine, November 10th is your government-reassigned birthday.

As a U.S. marine you sign-away your birthday to ‘Merca. ¬†However, giving up your actual birthday is a small sacrifice because you also now you get to celebrate Veteran’s Eve the same day as your birthday.

What is Veteran’s Eve?

It’s the night before Veterans head to Veteran Day events. It is a night of random crossings with other Veterans.

It is a night where you find yourself drinking beer with a group of concerned US-citizens that took a soldier-pledge to fight terrorism foreign and domestic.

A group of people that took a pledge to end war.

I toast this group:

“Happy Veteran’s Eve and a Hoo-rah Birthday to You too!”

Author: Wali-G

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