Working Man Weekend

Now that I’ve been welcomed into the ranks of the working man, my biggest problem has been trying to figure out what to do with three day weekends and no wife/children.

So far I’ve stayed around the county, but I can feel the itch to move outside my turf.  I’m not use to sitting in one area for so long.  

Nine-months is a mile stone for a drifter.  In the last decade and a half, I’ve only lived 3-places for more than 9-months:

1.  UW-River Falls

2.  Portland, OR

3.  Afghanistan

There is an international airport 45-minutes from here.  There are central states that have not been thoroughly explored. The Missouri River is an hour south.

Staying put has been the strategy as I save funds for farming and home ownership, but I can see that I should be picking and planning my future “battles.”

Afterall, DrifterRadio is not old enough to sit still, …so DJ Wolfgrave better keep moving.​


Author: Wali-G

Website started pre-mass adopted cell phone era (i.e.. 2006) based on the foosball drifting of Wali-G in the first couple of years of the 21st Century. Two-college buddies decided to have some fun with the electronic life and play with the developing new structures created by the Age of Information and Global Communication.

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